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The pleasure of visiting the nation’s capital is to search, wander, and seek information about our nation’s history, government, and development. The only way to touch those that affect our well being is to commemorate their individual life efforts. The U.S.A. would not be a world leader without the direct leadership of President and Five Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Dwight Eisenhower is a stand-alone commander of our nation that guided the states through war, political confusion, and democratic social ideals where executive decisions were made in the best democratic judgment. During his presidency, our physical world was demolished, exploded, and resurrected. The military industrial complex became an engine for international defense. The science of nuclear destruction and bio-logical warfare fed years of panic and turmoil into our land’s soil. The conversion of human labor was transformed through his intellectual thinking. Post World War II, America focused on paranoia and mass destruction. That audience would see death as a terminal question of everyday. The polluted reliance of weaponry is a hidden window into our nations vocabulary. Violence is the power to dominate others and a means to calibrate fear.

1 / The design attempts to visually link a missing connection between the capital dome and the street circles interlinking the city.
2 / In that instant, the proposed Eisenhower Memorial is a levitational - meditative block that brings forward a rigid and platonic marble stone mass to represent the cornerstone of America. His famous words addressed to America are inscripted into virgin marble.
3 / The codex into the architectural landscape design is to manifest a unique attitude toward the contemporary general public; the tradition of spatial perception contained within classical design is legible only from the top viewing deck. This monumental view privileges the individual tourist into an Eisenhower perspective.
4 / Tradition is a collective practice of regulating order and ritual into a material that culturally renders a populous taste.
5 / The taste of military ideals is a government machined authority that broadcast duty, honor, and sacrifice.
6 / The rhetoric of this proposal seeks to exploit a technological cladding that was reminiscent of Government Issued Identities.
7 / The life of public duty is a special calling. The social ability to make a difference addresses a continuous challenge to implement policy and shift perception. The viewpoint that the government is an agency is false and should be revealed that it is a monocoque of various organisms.
8 / Eisenhower had the individual mentality to present dominant control into the environment.
9 / The monument is an inter-mundium set into a fragmented park scape. The recessed ground is an active device that signals the lost agricultural combines -- a machine treatment of a past American heartlands have supported the roots of our beliefs.
10 / The term “classical” is an excavation into the present

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