Photo © Ron Hudnall
Photo © Ron Hudnall
Photo © Ron Hudnall
Photo © Ron Hudnall
Photo © Ron Hudnall
Photo © Ron Hudnall
Photo © Ron Hudnall

Wedington Liquor Store and Cigar Shop

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W Wedington Dr, 72704 Fayetteville
100 000 - 1 million
1-5 étages

Wedington Liquor provides visitors with an opportunity to transition from the hectic pace of traffic and sprawl outside to a relaxed atmosphere inside.  Integrated displays showcase not just a wide array of products, but the beauty and craft of the bottles themselves.  An elongated threshold features modules of folded steel plate that each house a pair of wine bottles,  along with a folded ceiling plane the evokes the profile of a wine bottle.  The entry culminates at a wall of red glass; a wall seemingly filled with rich red wine.  An extensive selection of domestic and international wines is housed in custom-designed displays, acknowledging the care and craftsmanship required to produce each wine.  Integral seating allows for impromptu wine tastings and encourages the social interaction so often lost in the market today. 


The Wedington Cigar Shop elevates the experience of patrons by immersing them in the rich aroma and tradition of cigars.  Rather than being relegated to a small, secondary humidor, the entire space functions as a humidor with cigars on open display.  A sensuous wrapper of Spanish cedar  lines the floor, rear wall, and ceiling, giving the sense of being inside an exquisite cigar box.  Strict temperature and humidity control preserve the delicate nature of the cigars, while providing a rich tactile experience for the visitor.  Although housed in a ubiquitous suburban building, the Wedington Cigar Shop provides a detailed respite that is attentive and comfortable.

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