Borden Park Pavilion


gh3 designs in the increasingly complex realm where architecture, urbanism and landscape overlap. We design landscapes with a modernist's eye to order, beauty and social possibility, and an environmentalist's awareness about sustainability and long-term thinking.
We apply global learning to local problems. Our team members bring specialized expertise in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design. Our thinking is grounded in knowledge, and our design in creative excellence. We bring learning from two decades of collaboration to the design of projects that blur the edge between buildings and the out-of-doors.

Our work is visually engaging and playful, with the underlying philosophy that the best way of encouraging sustainable thinking is to bond people to their environments through deep understanding and by making good design an indispensable part of everyday life. Creating instructive, engaging environments is a big part of what we do. We approach every design with a site- and context-specific approach, with the tools of landscape and architecture brought together to make buildings that are inspiring and beautiful and fundamentally modern in outlook.

We see landscape design through an architectural lens. If landscape is relegated to an afterthought in design, it is often disconnected or ignored. Our integrated approach to the ground plane means that landscape, which can add so much to quality of experience and the sustainability of building, is a fundamental and inseparable part of design.

We work closely with clients and multidisciplinary teams to ensure that the individual values and aspirations of every project are reflected in the design. We also bring our cross-disciplinary insights into the cultural, social and physical context to each design.

At heart, we are very practical designers, and we bring our professional training and our life experiences to our work. We design with the dreamer's hope that our work will last for centuries, and the pragmatic awareness of the importance of ease of maintenance, of durable details, and of good value for investment.

We have earned a reputation for working collaboratively to achieve a high level of design excellence, and this has led to a number of repeat clients as well as awards from our peers.

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Toronto, Canada