Casa Horizonte

Chamela, Mexico
Architetti d'Interni
Chamela, Mexico

One of De-Spec’s largest custom homes, Casa Horizonte was commissioned by a longtime client and friend to design a holiday house perched on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Surrounded by a beautifully raw and almost untouched landscape, the common living spaces accentuate the natural features of the site.

Designed for entertainment and recreation, the various levels provide outdoor spaces for capturing sunsets star-gazing and celebrating the Cosmos. The rooms of the house do not have glass windows, as the glare from glass on the ocean has proven to have negative effects on birds and other wildlife. The temperature is managed through the natural breeze and constructed shade, as the climate is very hot and arid. Glass sliding doors are pocketed into the wall for night time indoor life when needed.

The bedrooms are treated like individual suites or cottages with unique views, though the rest of the house is very open. The home features five private bedrooms designed as suites plus a two-bedroom addition for live-in staff. The master bedroom has a view of the ‘open’ ocean, while two of the guest bedrooms frames different moment of the ocean and landscape and guest bedroom by the spa beneath the pool, near the edge of a cliff, faces the Pacific Ocean in a cove where it foams and crashes against the cliff making for a dramatic ocean experience.

The roof of the gate house has solar panels that produce enough energy for the entire property to remain off-the-grid. The potable water is purified for reuse in a vertical herb garden in the house, while the outside garden is filled with native plants which are adapted to little water.

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