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MICHAEL K CHEN ARCHITECTURE (MKCA) is a growing New York-based architecture firm dedicated to producing innovative and thoughtful built work and applied research. The office’s practice encompasses a wide range of scales, from the design of furniture, to interiors, to buildings, all of which is deeply informed by a commitment to craft at the highest level, and a love of tinkering, of drawing, and of making. Established in 2011, MKCA has been recognized with numerous international awards and press, and is sought after by a diverse clientele.

We work as a team of talented designers operating from a studio environment in Manhattan. Current projects include high-end residential and commercial interiors, transforming and automated architectural elements, maps, research and writing, small institutional projects, large-scale renovations, and ground-up buildings. The scope of our services frequently straddle the disciplines of architecture, interior design, data visualization, and product and industrial design, in collaboration with fabricators, scientists, engineers, and artists. We work together closely, and team members all participate in the full spectrum of those services and activities.


  • 建築家
New York