Single house Velký Dřevíč II

Velký Dřevíč, Czech Republic
© Ester Havlová
© Ester Havlová
© Ester Havlová
© Ester Havlová
Chmelař architekti
Červená ulice , 268 Velký Dřevíč, Czech Republic

Family house Velký Dřevíč II is my first implementation. It was published in a lot of technical publications including in "Ročenka české architektury 2003-2004". At first time I refused investor s request for expansion of the house for his bigger family. I liked the house as it was. After years, hif wife said, that if i will not make the design, they will ask another architect. So i agreed during our colletive celebration. Motto of this was: "Better make it worse alone, then by somebody else :)".
In the new second floor there were situated two childrens rooms including bathroom. We designed external thermal insulation of the fasedes in the color of charcoal grey. The true is, that this expansion of the space (about 40 square meters) made the function of the house for four members family with cat and dog better. This was my first reconstruction of my house. This is new and very interesting experience for us, and it verifies our good involvement to our clients. To make long-time relationships founded on respect is the main point for us.


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