The NYC Information Center


Located just North of Times Square, the new NYC Information Center uses innovation to customize the city. Designed by WXY Architecture and Local Projects, the Center transforms a storefront into an ‘information space’, seamlessly integrating media design, multi-lingual docents and architecture to meet visitors at any level of engagement. The Center is a portal to New York where people can discover an array of local experiences.

The view from the street pulls the visitor into the futuristic architecture. Layers of information are carefully organized into the design elements of the space. Electronic "FAQ" stations provide quick tips in ten different languages, emailed to users on the go. Multi touch screen tables with sophisticated interactive mapping capability enable visitors to create their custom NYC guidebook. By moving a puck like a "You Are Here" dot, you find curated highlights and save interesting locations. To take their custom guidebook to go, visitors get an instant print-out, email, or cellphone SMS. Animating the Center’s back wall is the FlyNYC screen where individual itineraries are displayed  in 3D as a personalized helicopter ride over the City.

WXY architecture + urban design によるその他のプロジェクト

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