© Josef Pausch
Photo © Josef Pausch
Photo © Jo Pesendorfer
Photo © Dietmar Feichtinger
Photo © Jo Pesendorfer
Photo © Josef Pausch
Photo © Josef Pausch
Photo © Josef Pausch

Groupe Scolaire Bilger-Breustedt

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Schulstraße, 4775 Taufkirchen an der Pram, Oostenrijk
Community Taufkirchen an der Pram

The Bilger Breustedt Elementary and Secondary school is open to nature with bright, sunny and spacious classrooms, and well-defined and readable outdoor function areas.

The parking and transport sector in the North is delimited by the main building. 50 parkings and the holding area for school buses are there. The forecourt serves the central front entrance. From the hall again individual areas inside are developed. On a common two-story foyer all areas of the new building are connected to the already existing building of the Kindergarden. The foyer also serves as a waiting area for students and is located next to the wardrobe.

In the south of the ensemble a large lawn forms an attractive outdoor area and playground bordered by the tree plantings along the Pram. The new with the existing buildings form an ensemble that blends into its surroundings. The buildings define its shape from its position on the site as well as their content.

The relation of the interior to the surrounding landscape has become decisive. In the north a clear front three-storey building closures the school grounds. Situated on the ground floor and directly accessible from outside is the local museum and the music school. The gym is arranged on two floors in the West. The Construction of the two upper floors is defined as the longitudinal "aloof" building. It houses the secondary school.

The as-storey elementary school building separates the outer areas of the school and the Kindergarden. The low building height allows good light conditions on the playground in the east.

Competition 05 | 06
Start of planning 06 | 06
Start of construction 03 | 07

Surface 5150 m²

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