LAp Dancer

Los Angeles - CA
Rob Mothershed [Architects]
100M - 1Bn
1-5 Stories

The call for entries is a urban design palace that formalises how human need rituals and how rituals can make new space. The city needs good where the sale of love is free. The retractable skye-park roof gallery sign billboard confuses the immediate area by way of dancing with city hall directly. The city lawn mall center has no event. Anything that gets supplanted will be a developer’s orgy and fantasy for bringing people. There intent was not to create a opposition but to overtly suggest how sexing up dead and dread places are to be conditioned. The open space isn’t really open and the closed space will always be closed. The city’s sub-surface nature has the capacity to take dreams and exploit society. Hollywood, by definition, is a cultural machine for making desire and distorting reality. The active new downtown LA is a chess move of bringing performing schools, churches, and art vision into one instalment. The Grand Avenue project is a planted form of typical emergencies of a dying void and ghosted existence. Sex is used as a metaphorical dis-tractor for subverting the pain of knowing how to keep making the same mistakes. It assembles a amalgamation of baths, bars, spas, pools, hydrotherapy devices, joints, clubs, lounges, and merchant stores.

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