Montpellier, Frankrijk
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VIGUIER architecture urbanisme paysage
5-20 Stories
Syndicat des copropriétaires Polygone
Francesco Zaccaro, Bertrand Mercier, Daniele Molinari, Paola Petroni, Domenico Monopoli, Julie Lavergne, Marcela D'Ortenzio, Thomas Garreau, Joanna Maksimowicz, Victor Senarat, Dioniso Rocha, Benjamin Doré, Alexandre Martinet, Justine Boduin, Claudia Brivio, Elie Mahin, Adele Bourg, Marta Muszynska, Giovanni Barbagallo, Amélie Bellaud

One year after the start of the renovation works of the Polygone mall, the 120-meter long and 20-meter tall glass ceiling is now being assembled and should be completed by June 2020. Made of EFTE, the translucid membrane is highly resistant and non-sensitive to UV exposure. Specially designed for Polygone, this unique piece will later be screen-printed, ensuring an optimal control of luminosity inside the mall. At nightfall, a LED system will turn on and light up the building.

At the same time, the refurbishment of the mall continues: the parking spaces are being upgraded to standards, new escalators and elevators are being built and the facades and the shops are being redone while maitaining normal shopping hours for the customers.

Program: Refurbishment and upgrade to standards
Location: Rue des États du Languedoc, Montpellier
Built area: 52 000m² SDP + 45 000m² (parking)

Client: Syndicat des copropriétaires Polygone
Client's representative: Socri Rénovation
Architect: VIGUIER
Engineering firms: PER (Structure), Arcora (Facade, glass ceiling)
Landscape design: VIGUIER
Interior design: VIGUIER
Construction firms: Eiffage Métal (Verrière)

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