Princeton Residence

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In order to take greater advantage of the spacious rear yard and existing swimming pool, a new Living Room was added at the rear of the existing split-level, gambrel-roofed house and the Kitchen and Dining Area were renovated.

The addition, which has a deceptively simple plan, is constructed on three parallel steel beams which skew in plan and section across the new Living Room to their points of intersection with the original house. The standing-seam lead-coated copper cladding folds off the original house, over the beams, and down over the perimeter walls to grade level. The white painted wood eave trim of the existing gambrel roof follows the skewed geometry of these beams into the addition. The eave line first folds up in a mirror image of the original roofline, and then skews in plan and section to create edge of the open, asymmetrically folded volume of the new Living Room. The facetted roofline allows the formerly dark attic area above the Kitchen and Dining Room to be opened to the rear yard and to the Dining and Family Rooms below.

The design abandons both the doctrinaire modernist strategy of making a clear separation between traditional house and modern addition and the post-modernist practice of directly mimicking the original building. Instead the original house transforms into a distorted reflection of itself. The result is a grafted, hybrid, mutated extrapolation of the familiar forms of the original building.

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