The Revalitisation of the Alois Jirasek Park in the city Hronov

Htonov, Czech Republic
Chmelař architekti
Jiráskova, 549 31 Htonov, Czech Republic
Hronov city
David Nývlt, David Chmelař

The park is divided by the axis of the alley into the southern - larger, sunny, residential part, and the northern - smaller, peaceful, representative part.
The chosen concept allows for the optical and spatial linking of the park with the river, cleaning the ruins from old buildings and re-tracing the park paths better suited to its users. The basic skeleton of the park consists of walking paths - a circular promenade intersected by a cross of the main passageways dividing the park into individual walking grass sectors with various functional uses / recreation, culture, representation, activities /. The main route through the park connects the town centre with the close by neighbourhoods of Zbečník and Velký Dřevíč. It passes along the avenue of the linden trees and directly connects to the footbridge over the Metuje River. Resting places with benches are placed around the paths.
Newly we have created another entrance to the park from Jiráskova Street directly opposite the staircase to the All Saints Church bell tower. This entrance will lighten the cramped space on the pavement in front of Alois Jirásek's home when visiting a park with a larger group of tourists.
In addition to building interventions in the park's structure, greenery was restored. The original greenery of the park, consisting only of lawn and tall trees, was supplemented by another layer of flowering shrubs and beds of mixed perennial planting. Growing trees are supplemented by new ones with the vision of longer-term growth of trees so that they can replace the current fully grown trees. The plant material was chosen according to the local species representation of the surrounding landscape.
Technické informace:
realizace: 2012-2018
projekt: 2004-2018
Plocha parku 19 525 m2
Zastavěná plocha:
WC 46,2 m2
Amfiteátr 164 m2
Molo 159,5 m2
Pítko 16 m2
Socha A.J. 16 m2
Vodní prvek - reflexivní balneo 14,4 m2
Obestavěný prostor:
WC 145,53 m3
Amfiteátr 336 m3
Užitná plocha:
WC 33 m2
Amfiteátr / interiér/ 54,9 m2


autor: Chmelař architekti - David Chmelař, David Nývlt
technické řešení: Jiří Hnízdil
statické řešení: Jan Tatoušek
řešení sadových úprav: Šmídová Landscape architects
foto: Honza Bartoň, Marek Kučera

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