Aerial View
Photo © Charles Lindsay
Entry at Grade
Photo © Charles Lindsay
Entry Detail
Photo © Charles Lindsay
Circulation Space
Photo © Charles Lindsay
Pool Terrace
Photo © Charles Lindsay
Pool at Night
Photo © Charles Lindsay
© Charles Lindsay
Night View
Sustainable Systems
Photo © Charles Lindsay
Sustainable Systems
Photo © Charles Lindsay

Casa Torcida

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Cabo Matapolo, Cabo Matapolo Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
1-5 Stories

This project is the first of several to be undertaken for a single client on the coast of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.  Inheriting an abandoned steel frame and concrete slab structure, we were asked to develop 18000 SF of indoor/outdoor residence on a jungle mountainside overlooking the Golfo Dulce.  The primary criteria for this project were as follows:  to be environmentally sensitive, technologically advanced, and modernist by design.  The jungle wraps the house as the house wraps a piece of the jungle.  The spectacular view out to the bay merges with the infinity pool.  The flexible edges of the enclosed portion of the home provide a seamless flow from inside to out.  

The house is entirely self-sufficient.  Photovoltaic cells on the roof gather power from the sun, which is stored to run the few appliances and low-consumption lighting planned.  Solar hot water panels provide domestic hot water.  Maximizing cross ventilation and providing efficient solar shading has eliminated the need for air conditioning in this year-round tropical climate. These technological features, architectural planning and sensitive detailing create an indigenous yet distinctly modern piece of architecture.

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