Hunter's Point Shipyard

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San Francisco

Perched on the edge of San Francisco Bay, the Hunters Point Shipyard was an important and productive naval manufacturing center for the WWI and WWII war efforts. This vacant site along with Candlestick Point will be combined into a new mixed use residential, retail and light industry development which will be the largest in San Francisco since WWII. As lead landscape architects, Thomas Balsley Associates collaborated with urban planners IBI in developing an innovative urban development whose parks and open spaces exploit the site’s extraordinary waterfront and views as well as its rich maritime heritage.

The new plan combines the new Forty-Niners football stadium, within the new mixed-use community, and a diverse park system that includes the redesign of California’s first urban state park as its southern gateway to San Francisco.

A diverse network of neighborhood parks, plazas, linear boulevard parks, roof deck recreation areas, and a continuous waterfront park system will connect the upland community to its new neighbors and the extraordinary bay environment. The state park’s grassland environment and natural shoreline will be enhanced with overlooks viewing towers, beaches, open picnic lawns, and other amenities that will better service its community and the region. When combined, these spaces will be linked by miles of new bay trail and will work in tandem to maximize the water’s edge experience.

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