Statnton - Orange County
Rob Mothershed [Architects]

This upscale fine eating establishment seeks to exemplify a loose form by way of expressing a covered patio valet entry, programmable tower, and backlight sign, and a floating armature that pumps up and elevates its highway drive presence. The decadent design calls forth predatory pathology for its initial inception. The un-scaling skin is a un-ravelling of shedding the old and allowing anew skin to grow and present itself. There are many formal references to becoming an animated beast. The amphibian nature of this place grounded a new architecture by way of obliterating the shadow of the old existing building. The new “slippery jumping fish” space will house a Izakaya tapas style dining club and late night singing bar. The clients’ project was approved in the City of Stanton and was coordinated to become a landmark. The hyper alien quantum jumping was well received by public newspapers and the local community. The development of this strange project was governed by the micro-grooving of un-natural counter intuitions. The building is spliced and spiced to make a modulated field that is both a rhizio-matic asymmetric pattern and an excessive shield of confluence. The 10,000 SF roadhouse project is now on hold until more funding is in place. The general massing of the new signage was aggressively documented to capitalize on digital tools and off site fabrication. The painted finish skin treatment of the red façade was to be a polished steel red primer. The red on red on red bloodbath was scripted to augment the reading shark swarming around in the ocean of life. The interior was kept to a more aligned version of simply coalescing the pre existing design and refining the wood finishes to outwardly grain and give a natural dark contrasting texture. All of the karaoke rooms were different in shape profile and offered new edge comfort with the ceiling being twisted and peeling from tapered corners.


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