New York Hall of Science Expansion

Queens, NY
照片 © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
可视化 © Ennead Architects
照片 © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
照片 © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
照片 © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
照片 © Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects
照片 © Jeff Goldberg/Esto
照片 © Aislinn Weidele/Ennead Architects
ennead architects
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The expansion redefines and augments the exhibit sequence and rationalizes circulation throughout the building. The long, low volume of the new building, defined by luminous folded planes, is a formal counterpoint to the undulating vertical form of the original World’s Fair pavilion, defined by its iconic cellular concrete and dark cobalt cast glass frame. A space of muted white light, the exhibit hall hovers over a transparent base that furthers the museum’s goal of accessibility by allowing passersby glimpses into the interior. The Discovery Labs, adjacent and open to the new exhibition spaces on the upper and lower levels, are given visible identity and ambiguous thresholds to draw in visitors. Also connected to the new hall, an exhibition space for traveling shows provides a light-controlled gallery. A landscaped precinct is home to the renovated Rocket Park and accommodates outdoor programming. Current work includes exterior stabilization of the Great Hall and interior renovations.


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