Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

New York
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The master plan for the flagship building of the New York Public Library includes creating a new entrance on 40th Street, near Fifth Avenue.
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The new 40th Street entrance will lead to the Center for Research and Learning, where students will be able to work with materials from the library’s collections.
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The renovation at the Public Library will include new exhibition spaces, like this one planned for an area currently used as the gift shop.
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The new Lenox and Astor Room will house books and artwork bequeathed to the library by Brooke Astor, a longtime benefactor.
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The New York Public Library is the second largest public library in the United States and fourth largest in the world.
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One of New York City’s most iconic locations, the majestic Rose Main Reading Room measures 78 feet by 297 feet—roughly the length of two city blocks—with 52-foot-tall ceilings displaying murals of vibrant skies and billowing clouds. This breathtaking Beaux-Arts space weaves Old World architectural elegance with modern technology.
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Bryant Park is located entirely over an underground structure that houses the library's stacks, which were built in the 1980's; the new library facilities were built below ground level while the park was restored above it.
Existing situation: standing on the steps of the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building looking at the Mid-Manhattan Library building.
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The connection between the Mid-Manhattan Library, the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building and Bryant Park is an important aspect of the campus plan.
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476 5th Ave, NY 10018 New York
New York Public Library
Mecanoo, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects
2015, 1st prize
Design Team
Mecanoo and Beyer Blinder Belle Architects
Interior renovation of public spaces, reading and study rooms, museum spaces, including the Gottesman Hall exhibition space, a new gallery for photo exhibitions, new renovated staff spaces and back of house logistic improvements, relocation of the NYPL gi

The renovation of The New York Public Library’s Midtown locations will provide more public library space than is currently available in Midtown and enhanced access to collections, technology, and staff expertise.

The New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, on Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, is both one of New York City’s most beloved icons and a world-renowned research library holding millions of precious books, manuscripts, photographs, and other historic items.The building will undergo work to dramatically increase public space throughout by transforming and reopening rooms that were originally designed as public areas but have long been used for staff or storage.

This work will begin after the renovation of Mid-Manhattan Library, located across Fifth Avenue, is underway, and will include expanded spaces for exhibitions and public programs as well as increased facilities for researchers and scholars.


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