Lucas Oil Stadium

NANO Architecture | Interiors

NANO LLC was engaged by HKS to perform consulting and specialized designed services for the Lucas Oil Stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. NANO’s scope of services was interior design of the suites, club lounges, and retail- vending mall, as well as overall egress and code review.

Lucas Oil Stadium contains 139 suites, varying in capacity from 8 to 22, located at either field level or terrace level. Two club lounges support the terrace level game/exhibit experience.

NANO was challenged to design a field level experience that would alleviate the lower ceiling condition due to stadium seating above on par with the experience of on the field viewing, while providing for the ability to control the internal acoustics of game/event noise levels. Through the incorporation of retractable glass walls facing the event space, the spaces can either experience the full ambiance of the event or provide for a quiet internal area appropriate for more intimate or business related conversations.

The color and material palettes were integrated to reflect team, ownership, branding, and overall facility design considerations while taking into consideration the life time costs for maintainability and heavy wear.

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