Featured Project

Henning Larsen

French International School

Clayton & Little

Cayucos Ridge Barn


Flanking 30 acres of Syrah vineyard along the Santa Lucia Range this simple wood-skinned barn houses vineyard farming equipment, grape pi...

Clayton & Little

Winery Cased Goods and Admin Building


Adjacent to award-winning Winery and Tasting Room structures that maintain the spirit of buildings that are subservient to the landscape,...

Clayton & Little

Alma Rosa Vineyard Barn


Serving over 50 acres of planted vineyard on the 600 acre El Jabali Ranch, the new Vineyard Equipment Barn will be the first new structur...

Clayton & Little

Wine Library


Located 12 miles from the Pacific Ocean along California’s Central Coast, is the home for a new Wine Library to join the award-winning wi...

Clayton & Little

Saxum Vineyards Equipment Barn

Paso Robles, 2018

Located in the Templeton Gap area of West Paso Robles, this simple agricultural storage structure rests at the toes of the 50 acre James ...

Piechota Architecture

Silver Oak Cellars

Healdsburg, 2018

aidlin darling design

Brecon Estate Winery

Paso Robles, 2014

Located on the “Emerald Necklace” of Paso Robles’ progressive wine growing region, Brecon Estate Winery strives to reco...

aidlin darling design

21st Amendment Brewery

San Leandro

This 95,000 square foot 21st Amendment Brewery will include tap rooms, a brewer’s library, restaurant, indoor-outdoor beer ...

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