Photo © Transsolar
Photo © Transsolar

ADAC Headquarter

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Munich, Germany

The high-rise facade consists of composite fixed window glazing elements made of insulated glass and an external single glazing, which ensures a continuous minimum ventilation and sun protection in the façade cavity. In the low-rise podium the outer glazing layer is not necessary.

Manually operable windows are integrated into the interior facade for additional natural ventilation of the office space. Each has a vertical, passively functioning volume flow regulation element that restricts the air flow into the room independent of the external air pressure along the facade.
The conditioning in the high-rise and low-rise building works by means of thermally-active solid concrete floors.

All offices receive mechanically driven fresh air with integrated heat recovery. Channels running through the raised floor provide displacement ventilation along the facades. The exhaust air is taken from the common areas in the primarily open concept office floors.

The office is heated by convectors along the facades with basic tempering via thermal active slabs.

Thermal activation of the concrete core is powered by free cooling from the recooling plants and by multiple foundation heat exchangers. The complex is heated, in an environmentally friendly way, using district heating and in some areas by geothermal heat pumps.

Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin

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